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Marketing Services

Corporate Express Marketing Services, our teams understand the increasingly competitive fundraising landscape.

We create and produce innovative direct mail packages that get noticed and get results. At Corporate Express we combine vast capabilities with a zero-tolerance policy on cookie cutter direct marketing.  Wherever your program needs a lift, from direct mail solutions to digital campaign development, we will provide you scalable solutions built around the big picture financial objectives.

Direct Mail Services

From traditional offset printing to full color digital variable, our production team takes ideas from the whiteboard to direct mail delivery with no outsourcing.   We create efficiencies for your campaigns by leveraging our network of company-owned production facilities.

Corporate Express Marketing Services is singularly accountable for making cost-efficient design choices, applying advanced levels of personalization and incorporating innovative engagement devices that support high-response, direct response campaigns. We offer unbeatable pricing, testing incentives and turnkey direct mailing logistics through a single point of contact.

Our goal for our clients is always to generate responses from qualified prospects at high response rates  - so that you are spending less on postage, lists and data.
Creative Services

Corporate Express has a special breed of "hard working" non profit marketing creative that opens donors' hearts, minds and pocketbooks. We integrate the optimal level of consistent branding through our marketing services and employ only proven direct response techniques.

 In the address label, greeting card, premium and stationery product arena, our results are unparalleled. No one beats Corporate Express Marketing designs. For premium-led campaigns, we drive new product brainstorming, aggressive testing, prototyping and production.

We push the envelope with our creative concept and continually refine our methods and test your results, while keeping your budget and fundraising goals top of mind. To learn more, email us at support@corporateexpress.in

Marketing Services powered by integrated fundraising programs leveraging direct mail, e-philanthropy and emerging media

Advanced Donor File analytics including file audits, segmentation strategies and predictive modeling

Creative Design and Copywriting using in-house talent and our proprietary art library for fundraising success

High-performance Donor Acquisition including list planning, premiums, design, copywriting and production

High-impact, Low-cost Direct Mail produced in Corporate Express Marketing Services network of global production facilities

Our proprietary Donor Database System efficiently helps you manage your relationships

direct mail marketing campaign

Direct Mail Services

Running an advertising campaign can take much of your time, effort, and money. And if you are using direct mail marketing or advertising as a medium, you are bound to worry about many things like logistics, addresses, and the mailing system.

Just generating a mailing list can be tedious and time-consuming. But with an agency to help you, you can sit back and count on effective and creative direct mail advertising.

Agency Services

The success of an advertising campaign rests on the quality of the mailing list that you use. You must be able to target the right set of people to avoid wasting resources. People do tend to delete mail that seems to be selling them something. But if you reach the right audience, your communication will not be in vain. The advertising agency can procure the right list for you--one that features people with profiles important to your business.

Content of the mail is also very important. It has to be creative and interesting. It must be client-centered. People are turned of by blatant advertising. They must always find something in your product or service that they can benefit from. Great copywriters can get your readers hooked on your message and convince them to buy your product or patronize your services.

Layout and the total look of the mail must be attractive enough to sustain reader interest. This is where artists come in with their expertise in using visual materials, fonts and other design gimmicks. An agency can also present new ideas on advertising your product and capturing your audience’s attention.

Mailing in bulk costs money. But an agency that is in the business for a long time would have established networks and connections with mail service providers. They can arrange for special discounts for you and can assure you of fast delivery.

With the help of an agency, you do not have to spend so much time on the logistics of your advertising campaign.

Direct Mail Marketing
The Internet is a powerful tool. When used wisely, it can spur growth for companies in leaps and bounds. Emailing has revolutionized the way people communicate and has forever changed the pace at which we exchange information or reach out to others.

Companies that know how to harness the opportunities presented by high-speed Internet connections and email can be successful in their product launches and customer programs. Through direct mail marketing, they get in touch with the right market segment that can push their sales. And as the world gets hooked on global commerce, companies are finding growth avenues in offshore markets. And advertising to these new potential customers is done quickly and cheaply through emails. It is no wonder that today, courses on direct mail marketing are being offered by academic institutions.

Direct Mail Marketing Course

Commerce is constantly evolving. Those who want to be successful need keep track of these trends. If your company is not yet utilizing the power of direct mail marketing, then maybe it is about time you send your staff to a direct mail marketing course.

The course will equip your staff on how to write copy that work in this kind of marketing scheme. They will learn which phrases or styles of writing work and which do not. The principles of advertising and marketing will be tackled at length. From crafting effective messages, they will also learn how to lay out interesting communication tools: flyers, brochures, etc., to hook readers. When people automatically throw out ads in the mail, you need to devise ways to catch their interest long enough for them to read what you have to say.

The success of a direct mail marketing campaign rests on logistics as well. You have to make sure your intended clients receive your mail. Your staff will need to learn about the practical and cost-effective means of mailing your materials.

Direct Mail Advertising

Direct Mail

Increase your company’s market reach through direct mail advertising. Send the right people the appropriate brochures, newsletters, and flyers about your company or product launches and see how this kind of mileage can increase your sales and customer recall.

Direct mail is a traditional way of communicating with customers or clients. But nowadays, you can facilitate a mailing system that is more effective and practical.

All you need to have is a set of addresses and names to get you started. You may acquire lists from several agencies. Normally, these agencies get this information from surveys they conduct which individuals voluntarily fill out. You can also negotiate with a mailing company to get a special rate for your bulk mail.

There is also software available for sending direct mail in bulk. The software will simplify tasks such as managing your directory, mailing schedules, and even facilitating a feedback system. Get in touch with your customers with a simple click of a mouse.

With direct mail, you can have the capability to establish a more permanent way of reaching out to your public. If you are a non-profit organization that raises funds for several causes and activities, direct mail can aid you in keeping in touch with your benefactors periodically.

And if you do not have the people to take care of this kind of advertising, then hire a direct mail agency that can do the work for you.

Direct Mail Companies

Advertising and marketing activities are not cheap. And in this age of intense competition for customers, you need to harness your resources to get the most out of your investments.

One sure way you can do this is through direct mail communication with your target market base. What’s more, with the aid of full-service companies, this can be done as fast and as often as you need.

Direct mail companies can craft your messages, lay them out for you, print and mail them out to the desired addressees. Or they can email them, without violating any anti-spamming laws.

Direct Mail Advertising
Product recall, customer care, and stakeholder communication are the factors that spell success for a company. There are a variety of ways that these needs are addressed. Most times, companies utilize above-the-line advertisements that generate widespread mileage but are also very expensive, such as radio, TV and print ad materials.

A small, start-up company may have a hard time matching those costly activities. They may have to resort to below-the-line marketing or advertising initiatives such as Internet pop-ups and direct mail advertising. These are cheaper, and most times, effective.

Direct mail advertising has been popular for a long time. This constant bombardment of direct mail ads, generally referred to as junk mail, has made it difficult for advertisers to grab the interest of the recipients. But once companies are able to address that challenge, the rewards are great. They can experience increase in their sales.

Getting Started

Direct mail advertising works well for your purpose when you have the right list of recipients. You can generate one on your own but that would take time and effort in surveys. An easier way would be to buy a list from organizations or agencies. Ethics dictate that you only use addresses whose owners have expressed interest in companies contacting them.

You can also hire an agency to take care of your direct mail advertising programs. The agency will take care of everything--copywriting, layout and mailing, among other things. With a professional’s expertise, you can count on more creative and effective advertising campaigns. You will not be bound by traditional ad materials like brochures, letters or flyers. Your direct mail can contain fun items like key chains, magnets and other promotional items to delight your customers.

Corporate Express Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Services:

A competent direct mail company provides a range of services related to design, printing and mailing of direct mail pieces such as postcards, brochures, sales letters and promotional offers. In most cases, a mailing organization will have mailing lists for businesses and consumers in any geographic and demographic area. This enables a more targeted mailing campaign for the advertiser.
In many cases, a direct mail company also provides warehousing and fulfillment services. This allows larger customers to have all of their needs met by one vendor. For example, a company could take orders online, have the product or kit assembled, packaged, printed and shipped all by one fulfillment house. In turn, the fulfillment warehouse would also receive and process product returns. This is a great value add for anyone who requires more than direct mail – a complete marketing and order fulfillment solution.

Corporate Express Direct Mail

For more than three decades Corporate Express Direct Mail Marketing has been a leader in automotive direct mail advertising and promotions. Since 1978 we have provided Direct Mail Services for many of the top organizations in the automotive industry. 

As a result, we are prepared to help you grow and achieve your objectives in sales, service, direct response marketing, printing and list services as well as general product/service advertising.  Direct mail marketing is an excellent way to introduce a new product or service, promote a special offer, or highlight inventory.  With our help, your sales and service promotions will present solid content in creative eye-catching layouts that speak directly to your target audience.  In today's competitive market, it is not uncommon to experience returns of 1% to 2% on most promotions.

our mailing lists are some of the finest in the industry.  From DMV data to BK and Beacon Score lists, Income and Age criteria, Walk Sequence and Saturation lists, we have it all.  Should you prefer, we can also utilize your own customer database.  For no charge, we will dedupe your list, as well as maintain it,  along with regularly cleaning it against NCOA (National Change of Address) data to ensure your list is always up-to-date.

your unique situation calls for something special... When the regular just doesn't cut it, we can easily customize a promotional event that will fit your needs.  We pride ourselves in being able to fulfill your sales or service promotion from "Start to Stamp".

Corporate Express
Direct MailMarketing is one of the premier leaders in the Automotive direct mail industry.  We do not follow the crowd, we ask them to join us.  We proudly invite you to join us as well.

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Mailing Services from Hyderabad India

Whatever the size or service of your business, the direct mailing needs of your company can take a big bite out of your operating budget and cause a lot of hassle.  Anyone who has spent the drudging hours of sorting mass mailings by zip code for bulk mailings, hauling bins of mailers to the post office, and dealing with the lines and irritations of the business mailing process will gladly welcome the news that mailing could be handled for you with a simple and cost-effective business service.  Put a band-aid on that final paper cut, and log on to the website to see how our Toronto letter and mailing services can manage all your mailing needs, from the data services and printing to the mailing itself.  You won’t even have to handle the paper anymore.
Whatever the type of mailing you’re sending out, you can send the design files digitally to the friendly team at Corporate Express Mailing Services, and they’ll put their high-tech inkjet printers to work creating the mailer to your exact specifications, including inline labeling on the items themselves, utilizing your database of addresses.  If you’re sending unaddressed advertising ad mail, our direct mailing services is set up to process it; if you’re dealing with a database of addresses, the mailing service will leverage the National Change of Address database to ensure your list is completely updated and you’re not wasting funds with miss-mailed items.
Does your mailer require poly bagging, labeling, packaging, or inserts?  Corporate Express Mailing Services takes care of all these elements, affixes the postage stamps to large volume mailings, and sorts the mailers for domestic or international mailing.  All these elements are handled quickly and cost-effectively, and your company’s meeting rooms will never have to be buried again in stacks of mailers in the process of being folded, labeled, stamped, addressed, and bundled.
With two decades of successful collaboration with its clients (some of whom have loyally used the same service for its full twenty years of business); our professional Toronto letter and direct mailing Services enjoy a stellar track record of customer satisfaction.  Some business owners mistakenly believe that handling mailings in-house will be a money-saver, but these owners have often failed to take into account the costs of paper and printing, postage, and enormous investments of employee time required to process a large mailing.  Once the true costs of the do-it-yourself approach have been tallied and totaled up, there’s no contest.  Corporate Express Mailing Services is not only a service that will save you headaches in-house and put out a consistently high quality product on your behalf; it’s also the most cost effective way to approach the direct mailing, online printing, Toronto letter and mail needs of your company.
The company’s website includes an interactive form which allows you to outline the needs of a particular project and request a price quote and bid on that project.  As you’re looking into the Corporate Express Mailing Services as a solution to your mailing and direct mailing issues, check out our blog reaching out to clients with business ideas, deals, offers, news, and information.